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Trees And Shrubs

In general the trees can be used for the landscape for vary many reasons like for screening , for shade , and for its ornamental natural beauty. It’ll have more benefit if the selected trees have flowers, fragrance or fruit. Often...
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The health of the plants used in a landscape has a great deal of impact on how we manage the extra supplementation of fertilizer to plants. Yet, with the knowledge of plant nutrient intake, we can gain an understanding of what is needed...
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Pottery is a great tool to add color and interest to any home or garden area. It can be used as the focal point or perfect finishing touch in an otherwise boring area of the garden. We carry a wide variety of pottery to fit any taste or...
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Garden Ornaments

Allow your personality to shine with your choice of garden design. Bring individuality to your outdoor living space with a range of garden ornaments and sculptures from Dherana Landscaping. From slate statuettes to ornamental vases, we...
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Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to land for the purpose of agricultural production. Effective irrigation will influence the entire growth process from seedbed preparation, germination, root growth, nutrient...
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Using larger landscaping rock and boulders in your landscaping project can create a natural bush feel to your garden and offer a sense of permanency other products cannot. At Dherana Landscaping, we have access to a huge range of differ...
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Garden Feature

At Dherana, we are fortunate to have the luxury of space. Our large display gardens are a perfect backdrop for our extensive range of Garden Sculpture, Pots, Urns, Water Features, Light Boxes, Metal Privacy Screens, Topiary...
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Garden Furniture

With our beautiful climate, we spend many hours entertaining family and friends outdoors. The need for comfort and durability is essential whether relaxing under the sun by the swimming pool or enjoying an evening meal under...
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Stones and Pebbles

Pebbles and stones come in many colours, shapes and sizes and we have a large range for you to choose from. We constantly source new styles and colours of pebbles and river stones for our ever increasing range. Why not replace garden...
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Hard Landscaping

It’s very important to consider how the landscaping design could impact on your construction project and to take your time to find a proven Landscape Contractor, like Frosts Landscape Construction, that has the technical ability and use the best products for the scheme.

Soft Landscaping

Whether you want your soft planting to be natural, subtle or make a statement, it is important you have a team with the knowledge and skill to create a scheme that will complement the surrounding hardscape.


Frosts are very particular in getting the right soil for each scheme and work closely with soil Scientists to achieve this. All topsoil and subsoil used meet British Standard specifications. For example on the Olympic Park we used four different grades of topsoil (high permeability, low nutrient, wetland and general purpose), which were developed to meet the stringent specifications.

Interior Landscaping

Frosts Interior Landscapes was established as a separate division of Frosts Landscape Construction in 1983, and has earned a reputation for professionalism and flair, based on a firm foundation of horticultural excellence.