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Construction Design

Dherana Landscape International have built a reputation for designing innovative landscape architecture that works. It is a reputation that underlines every one of our projects - from individual residential properties to large scale commercial developments. Our architectural design team pushes the boundaries of landscape creativity with empathy for the aesthetic, environmental and practical needs of each and every project. They are designed as sustainable, manageable, practical and exciting environments that simply showcase what can be achieved by innovative design thinking. Innovative landscape designs need quality Construction to turn the creative idea into reality. Our contractors are experienced, skilled and have worked closely alongside our design team to offer our clients an efficient, professional and integrated construction phase - with no surprises.

We value the ingenuity that is necessary to produce a beautiful and creative garden, landscape, and/or outdoor living space that is reasonably priced and constructed efficiently. Our process involves a detailed design that combines your vision with our professional expertise, and includes the necessary revisions it takes until your landscape has the look you wish for. The detailed plan also acts as the blueprint for creating an exact plan of action during construction. We find that this process also eliminates costly revisions after construction has begun, and that we can ensure the building process will move in a timely manner. Lastly, exceptional communication with our clients is the key. We want to make sure that your dream landscape is constructed just as it is designed and that your investment is guaranteed.