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Dherana Landscape International possess a strong background on plants and landscape maintenance and able to provide professional input and practices for efficient irrigation based on specific situations. We continue to be on the cutting edge of irrigation technology by installing the most advanced new irrigation systems available that are designed and engineered to achieve excellent coverage while achieving excellent water conservation. Irrigation can be manual or fully automatic. For manual watering, we can provide irrigation advices on the quantity, frequency, and method for specific site and plant conditions. For automatic irrigation, we design and install different irrigation systems including drip and sprinkler systems. It is a timely option as well as a humidity option. These irrigation types are decided at the Consultation Phase.

We also provide advice on fertigation and chemigation. Fertigation is an automatic system to apply liquid fertilizer while chemigation is an automatic system to apply liquid insecticide and fungicide. The average irrigation system is set to overwater the lawn and landscape. At the very least, your irrigation controller should be programmed seasonally to respond to the changing weather patterns. This can be achieved manually (if your controller has limited options) or, our staff can program your seasonal adjustment settings on your controller to automatically respond to the changing weather. There are also irrigation controllers available that automatically respond to the weather on a daily basis. These controllers automatically calculate the water needs based on the weather conditions and plant type. We can upgrade your current system or include an upgraded controller on your new system installation. Our expertly trained technicians will diagnose any problems with your irrigation system, recommend the best solution, and complete the work in a timely fashion.