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Design Brief

The Design Brief is a written document, which follows up the initial meeting for further discussions and sketch designs. It will also outline relevant fees and timescales we adhere to. For Residential Landscaping, we make all attempts to get to know you, your family, your lifestyle and surroundings. For Commercial Landscaping, we make an effort to get familiarize with the organization, its mission, its vision, values and corporate governances. Our strength is provided by our industry knowledge, with a thorough and up to date understanding of the nest equipment and materials on the market.

We will meet with you on site to enable us to provide you with a transitional landscape design that will form a seamless bridge between the interior and exterior space. We capture what is more important to you, the styles and themes you prefer, the desired plant species, the specific landscape materials to be incorporated and the key features are to be included in your landscape. Examples of landscape styles, plant species, and landscape materials from our extensive image library are present to assist in clarifying the exact look you desire.