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Negombo Beach Resort

This is one of the largest beach resorts in Sri Lanka located in west coast. The lanscaping architects are Pentago Lanscape SDN BHD from Kulalampur Malasia. This Project consists of both soft and hard landscape design. Large Boulders are used to create the landscape design and for the optimal sea view for the guest. Especially in this project brightly colours are being used. As we are the landscape consultant and contractor its been a challenge for choose the plants suitable for the sea spray requested by the landscape Architect. Approximately 100 coconut trees with a height of 6 meter clear trunk has to be planted and transplanted within the given limited place. In this project we are specially 25Ton cranes for transplanting Large Rubber trees and Terminalia trees to achieve the architects design requirement. We are closely working with Perigon Landscape Architects based in Malaysia. At present we are root balling some of the largest trees I Srilanka.

Citizen Development Bank Maradana

The job sight is a very challenging due to the urban location and architectural requirement of having to plant large trees on the 6th flow terrace. Due to the well train team we managed to complete the roof top landscape works and the 2nd flow works amounting to 20 large pots, 24 large trees and 700 soil bags with in one day of works.
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Centara Cey Sands Resort and Spa

The sight is located in the southern cost prominently located between the Benthota river and the sea. The plants like Barrgtoniya, Hibiscus tilesius, pandanus ect.. had to be selected very carefully due to the salt sea spray. The 145 room hotel consist of a beauty fully landscape spa which brings most of the revenue to the hotel.
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On 320 Condominium Complex

A Very interesting and a prestigious project for Dherana landscape company , most of the planting are at the 6th podium level, all the trees are taller than 10 meters, and the project required about over 400 cubs of soil shifted to the podium level. The challengers were overcome by our delectated and skilled team, merged to do wrecks according to the master plan using the tower cranes.
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Wadduwa Resort and Spa

A medium boutique hotel with a lovely view to the sea has to be covered up and to be screened from the neighbouring houses. To ensure the privacy of the hotel guests. In this project we are using lot of coastal salt tolerant plants and by large fast growing creepers like Thambojia. Since the dead lines are on the corner the construction and landscape work going in hand in hand. Partial grass have been completed hopefully all the...
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