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Without proper drainage solutions in place, water may collect to undermine structures and drown expensive plants, turning parts of your new landscape into perpetually wet swamps. This can be the most important issue due to this potential for damage. Backyard drainage may also be overlooked entirely by a designer poorly trained in grading and drainage. To avoid the above we will analyze the nature of your yard, and may "shoot the grades" to establish the exact topography no matter how flat the site may seem. Spot elevations tell us where problems lie so that we can solve them through design. Ground water can also play an important role in drainage, and it is directly related to rainfall patterns. In the low lying areas, the water table can be just inches below the surface. Such conditions create all sorts of problems for construction and limit planting options. Rainfall is the periodic catalyst that sets drainage problems in gear. Where heavy downpours are common, poorly drained sites can become flooded for a short time if drainage structures are in place, or extended periods if they are not. Add heavy rainfall to a high water table and the potential for damage increases exponentially. To avoid all issues that is said above the team at Dherana International Landscape, tend to take the following solutions; • Surface Drainage for Surface Water Issue • Underground drainage for Hardpan Issues • Raising the planting areas or use Water loving plants for High Water Table Issue