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Eco Friendly Maintenance

We here at Dherana International Landscape pride ourselves on our commitment to being reliable, professional, and driven by the desire to satisfy the needs of today’s earth-conscious consumer. We try to apply eco principles to the best of our ability to our operations by adapting the following; • Protect existing natural areas to the greatest extent possible (woodlands and wetlands and meadows). • Select regionally native plants to form the backbone of the landscape. Select appropriate plants for each particular site (each plant has its unique requirements and most sites have a variety of conditions). While there's not usually a problem with occasional use of exotic plants, native plants have evolved to local conditions over millions of years and form an integral part in the life cycles of the local wildlife; they also give an area its unique sense of place. • Reduce use of turf. Instead, install woodland, meadow or other natural plantings. Where lawns are needed (such as play areas), follow best management practices available from your county's cooperative extension agent to reduce harmful impacts and use composting mowers. • Reduce use of pesticides, practice integrated pest management. Again, cooperative extension agents can help with natural alternatives to pesticides. • Compost and mulch on site to eliminate solid waste. Generate a free mulch - a soil additive that can replace the need for most fertilizers. • Practice soil and water conservation. Stabilize slopes with natural plantings, mulch around plants, and install drought- tolerant species. • Reduce use of power landscape equipment. Shrinking the size of the lawn and planting appropriate native species in less formal arrangements will reduce the need for extensive use of power equipment. • Professional advice on selecting drought resistant plants • Fertilizing, We use of high grade organic products to fertilize your landscape area. Instead of pumping the turf with sysnthetic checmicals we assess the soil and turf to derermine the necessart nutrients you soil needs. • Irrigation. We offer services to help conserve water. Drip irrigation, rain sensors and rain barriers are just some of the ways to save water.